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SES Operations



ODO 1.0 Activation Guidelines


ODO 2.0 SES Functions and Allocations


ODO 3.1 Safety at Uncontrolled Helicopter Landing Sites


ODO 5.0 Attendance Log

FODO 5.0.1 Attendance Log

ODO 6.0 Agency Support - Communications


ODO 7.0 Agency Support - Welfare


ODO 8.0 Agency Support - Lighting


ODO 9.0 Agency Support - Food Handling


ODO 10.0 Agency Support - Air Observer


ODO 11.0 Agency Support - Resupply


ODO 12.0 Incidents Involving Deceased Persons


ODO 14.0 Special Rescue - Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Category 1


ODO 15.0 Special Rescue - Rescue from Heights and Depths


ODO 18.0 Flood Boat Operations


ODO 18.1 Flood Boat Marine Incidents


ODO 18.2 Flood Boat Operating Standards


ODO 18.3 Flood Boat Safety Equipment


ODO 18.4 Flood Boat Ship Records


ODO 18.5 Flood Boat Smooth and Partially Smooth Waters


ODO 18.6 Flood Boat Non-Emergency Functions


ODO 18.7 Flood Boat Crewing Requirements


ODO 19.0 Forensic Search


ODO 20.0 Search - Urban & Rural


ODO 21.0 Agency Support - Evacuation Centre Management


ODO 23.0 Storm Damage Operations - Temporary Repairs


ODO 24.0 Storm Damage Operations - Chainsaw and Pole Saw Operations


ODO 25.0 Storm Damage Operations - Debris Clean Up


ODO 26.0 Storm Damage Operations - Sandbagging


ODO 27.0 Traffic Management


ODO 28.0 Road Crash Rescue


ODO 29.0 Vertical Rescue


ODO 30.0 Competency Maintenance


ODO 32.0 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

FODO 32.0.1 PPE Register

ODO 38.0 Use of Warning Devices fitted to SES Vehicles


ODO 39.1 Working at Heights - Working on Damaged Roofs


ODO 55.0 First Aid

ODO 56.0 Assistance to QPS


ODO 57.0 Assistance to Other Agencies


NODO 1.0 Transitional Arrangements


Please note: These documents are currently only available in pdf/word format. Should you be unable to read this please contact the Information Rights Unit. We will endeavour to meet all reasonable requests for an alternate hardcopy format of the document, free of charge.

Last updated 11 June 2014


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