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How to make a request for Ambulance Report Forms

These forms are available through the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) Administrative Access Scheme.

An Ambulance Report Form is completed by a Paramedic who attends an incident.  To access this form QAS requires you to provide proof of identity and payment of an Administrative Access Search fee, which is $42.60 as at 1 July 2011.

For more information contact the Health Information Officer at:

Queensland Ambulance Service
Information Support Unit
GPO Box 1425
Brisbane Qld 4001

Telephone:  (07) 3635 3371
Fax:  (07) 3109 7701

How to make a request under the QFES Administrative Access Scheme

The Administrative Access Scheme allows our clients and members of the public to access certain information held by QFES without having to apply through a formal Information Privacy or Right to Information application process.

Fees and charges apply depending on the type of application, the number of documents and the amount of work involved in accessing the information. For further details see the QFES Administrative Access Scheme Information Sheet.

The main types of information held by QFES are Fire Investigation Reports and operational Incident Reports (minor fires, motor vehicle incidents, etc).

Applications can be made in writing, in person or over the phone. To access QFES information, you are required to:

  • Submit your request to QFES – this may be via fax, post, email; or by phone using the QFES Administrative Access Request form.
  • Indicate that you are seeking access under the QFES Administrative Access Scheme
  • Provide the name of the person making the request
  • Provide contact details for the person making the request
  • Provide sufficient detail about the information requested to enable a QFES officer to identify the specific information required.

For further information, contact the Support Officer at:

Queensland Fire and Rescue Service
Administrative Access Scheme
GPO Box 1425
Brisbane Qld 4001

Telephone: 07 3635 3548
Facsimile:     07 3109 7263
Email: Qfrsadminaccess@qfes.qld.gov.au

We collect your personal information (e.g. email address details) to address your matter and will only disclose it to third parties if authorised by law or with your consent.  To find out further information, please refer to our privacy statement.

How to make a Right to Information or Information Privacy request with the Department of Community Safety

The Queensland Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) give people a right of access to documents held by Queensland Government agencies.

Anyone looking for a document which is not already available from an agency can apply for it under either the IP Act or RTI Act and can expect to be given access to it, unless the document contains exempt information, or information that is considered not to be in the public interest to release.  

The IP Act also gives people the right to seek amendment of any personal information an agency holds about them, if they believe that it is incomplete, incorrect, out-of-date or misleading.

The Department of Community Safety (DCS) incorporates: Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Corrective Services, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, Emergency Management Queensland, Corporate Support Division and Strategic Policy Division.  Anyone can apply to obtain documents held by the department, however, like all government agencies, the department can only provide access to documents in its possession.

Applications for documents held by other government agencies should be made to the relevant agency.  A list of agencies and contact details for their respective RTI units can be found at RTI contacts - Right to Information Queensland Government.

How Do I Lodge an Application and What Will It Cost?

To apply for documents held by DCS, you can contact the department directly (the contact addresses are at the bottom of this page), or visit the whole-of-government website and complete and lodge an online RTI application form.  Once on the site, ensure that you nominate the Department of Community Safety as the agency that you are requesting the information from and that you:

  • specify the documents or group of documents that you would like to access
  • provide sufficient detail for the department to be able to identify and locate the documents
  • provide enough information for the department to know whether your application is personal or non-personal in nature
  • pay the application fee of $40.50 (if your application is non-personal).

Are you lodging a Personal or Non-Personal application?

Personal Applications

If your application is solely for access to documents that contain your personal information, it is a personal application and no fees or charges will be payable.  Applications for access to documents containing your personal information will be dealt with under the IP Act.

The term ‘personal information’ is defined in the IP Act as:

“information or an opinion, including information or an opinion forming part of a database, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion.”

The fact that a document – such as a policy or procedure – may have affected you in some way, or that it contains information which is of great concern to you, does not mean that it is your personal information.

Please note that only individuals can have personal information, not companies, clubs or other organisations.

You may wish to have another person or (e.g. your solicitor or a relative) apply on your behalf for documents containing your personal information.  That person will be acting as your ‘agent’ and you will need to provide them with a signed written authority to receive those documents on your behalf.  The authority must be sent with the application.

To protect your privacy, proof of identity is required when you apply for access to your personal information.  This proof of identity can be in the form of a certified copy of:

  • your current driver’s licence
  • the identifying page of your current passport
  • both sides of your current concession card (health care, Centrelink or Veterans’ Affairs)
  • your full birth certificate.

If you are making a personal online application, you must forward proof of identity within 10 business days to:

Executive Manager, Information Rights Unit
Department of Community Safety
GPO Box 1425
Fax: (07) 3247 8011

Non-personal Applications

If you are applying for access to any documents that do not contain your personal information, that is a non-personal application and an application fee must be paid when the request is made.  The term ‘non-personal’ includes any information which is not about you, such as documents about another person or about the activities or policies of the department.  Applications for access to documents that do not contain your personal information will be dealt with under the RTI Act.

Currently the application fee is $43.35.  Please note that the RTI Act clearly states that the application fee cannot be waived and that it must be paid before your application is valid.

Processing charges will apply if your application takes more than five hours to process, and there will be charges for access (whether you inspect the documents or ask to have copies given to you). 

Processing charges are calculated on the total time taken to process your application at the rate of $6.70 per 15 minutes or part thereof (i.e. $26.80 per hour).  Access charges are calculated on the time taken to inspect documents or, for copies, at the rate of 20c per A4 page.  You can also request documents on a CD ROM at no cost. 

You will not have to pay processing or photocopying charges, if you have a:

  • Health Care card
  • Centrelink pensioner concession card
  • Veterans’ Affairs pensioner concession card.

You should provide a copy of one of the above with any application for non-personal documents.

Can other people apply for documents about me?

Under the RTI Act anyone can apply for any document held by the department, including any it holds about you.  In general, if a document contains someone’s personal information it would usually be considered contrary to the public interest to release it to anyone other than the person whose information it is, as release would breach their privacy.  If there was a possibility that a document might be released, the department’s decision-maker would consult you if release could reasonably be expected to be of concern to you.  

If the department subsequently decided that any of the information in the document was to be released, and you had asked the department not to do so, you would be given written reasons for the decision to release the document and would have a right to appeal the decision.  The document could not be released until any appeal was decided.

When will my application be processed?

Agencies have 25 business days in which to make a decision on an application under the IP or RTI Acts, although they may take longer in some circumstances, for example if:

  • the application is transferred to another agency or Minister
  • the agency or Minister asks you for a specified longer period (for example, if your application is very large)
  • you are provided with a charges estimate notice telling you how much the application may cost and you are given time to consider whether you will pay the charges or amend the application to lessen the charges
  • the application involves consultation with a concerned third party
  • you are given a notice that the agency may have grounds for not dealing with your application unless you alter it.

Further information about RTI and/or IP within DCS is available by contacting the:

Executive Manager
Information Rights Unit
Department of Community Safety

Emergency Services Complex
Cnr Park Rd & Kedron Park Rd

GPO Box 1425

Phone: (07) 3635 3411
Fax: (07) 3247 8011
Email: privacy@dcs.qld.gov.au

We collect your personal information (e.g. email address details) to address your matter and will only disclose it to third parties if authorised by law or with your consent.  To find out further information, please refer to our privacy statement.

How do I get more information about RTI in general?

Further information about RTI is available through the Queensland Government RTI website, alternatively, you may lodge an electronic application.

How do I get more information about the Department of Community Safety?

Details about the functions of the department are available on the Department of Community Safety website and further information relating to Emergency Services and/or Corrective Services is available on their individual sites.

Further information is also found within each respective Annual Report at:

Department of Community Safety
Emergency Services
Queensland Corrective Services

Last updated 17 July 2012


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