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This website is currently under review. For information regarding Fire and Rescue, Emergency Management, Rural Fire Service Queensland or State Emergency Service, please refer to the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services website.


The Department of Community Safety was created in March 2009 and includes the Queensland Ambulance Service, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, Queensland Corrective Services and Emergency Management Queensland.

The vision of the Department of Community Safety is for safe and secure communities.

The Department is committed to maintaining its focus on improving its performance in all of its front line service areas.

The Department of Community Safety is also committed to open and accountable government as part of Australia's most transparent right to information arrangements.

Department of Community Safety Organisational Structure

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The Police and Community Safety Portfolio Review

Video Message from PSC CCE Ian Maynard

Annual Report

Fraud Control Policy

Flood commission Interim Report and the Queensland Government Response

Queensland Government Reconciliation Action Plan 2009 - 2012

Disaster Management Act Review

DCS Regulatory Simplification Plan 2009-2013

An important message for all Queensland Government employees and volunteers - Commission of Inquiry

Disaster Readiness Amendment Act 2011

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